Regulations on photo when applying for Vietnam Visa 2023

To apply for a Vietnam Visa, it is necessary to prepare a number of documents including 02 personal photos. This is one of the important requirements in the Visa application process. Therefore, preparing personal photos is mandatory for Vietnam visa applicants.

In addition, there are also some regulations on the quality and characteristics of personal photos that visa applicants need to be aware of. For example, personal photos must be new within 6 months, taken against a white background, with no other people or objects in the frame, no sunglasses or masks and must meet full face standards.


Preparing the necessary documents for visa application also helps the visa application process go more smoothly and helps ensure the accuracy of information. Therefore, visa applicants should note the following:
  • Photo size is 4x6 cm (Vietnamese standard photo size) or 2x2 inches;
  • The submitted photos must be identical, taken within the last 6 months;
  • Color photo, printed on photo paper;
  • The five senses are clearly revealed, the background is a light color;
  • Do not wear hats, headscarves, unless it is a religious rule;
  • Do not wear sunglasses or other items on your head;
  • Don't laugh;
  • Do not use any kind of mask or other protective gear on the face.

Above are the regulations and photo sizes to apply for Vietnam visa. You should prepare in accordance with this regulation to avoid troubles that may be encountered at Vietnam's airport.

Below is a sample photo to apply for a visa at Vietnam airport:



2.1 Do children need to have their own photo when applying for a visa to enter Vietnam?

Yes. Like adults, children also need their own photo when applying for a visa to enter Vietnam. Photographing babies can be a bit difficult, especially babies, and young children. So we have some suggestions for you.

  • The first criterion is that in the photo of the baby, there must be no more pictures of anyone.
  • There should also be no toys, pacifiers, bottles or other items in your baby's photo.
  • Place a white background behind the child if the child is lying on the bed or sitting in a chair. That way the background behind the child will be a white background.
  • Do your best to capture the baby's entire face and capture the moment when the baby's eyes are open.

2.2 What if I can't prepare photos when I arrive at Vietnam airport under visa on arrival?

In case you forget or have not prepared 2 photos in advance at home, you can take photos right at the photography counter at Vietnam airport. Cost about 2 USD.

2.3 I am American and my husband is Australian. Do the regulations and photo sizes for Vietnam entry visa described above apply to both tourist and business visas as well as different nationalities?

Yes, this photo regulation applies to all types of visas entering Vietnam and all nationals from all over the world entering Vietnam under visa on arrival.