e-visa Vietnam FAQs 2023

I. General questions:
1. Who is eligible for an e-Visa?
- Vietnam is currently launching a pilot e-Visa system for citizens from 80 countries.

2. How long does it take to obtain an e-Visa?
- An e-Visa is processed within 03 working days after we receive the completed application and full e-Visa fee.

3. How long is an e-Visa valid for?
- An e-Visa is single entry and valid for a maximum of 30 days.

4. What is the minimum passport expiry date required to apply for an e-Visa?
- According to Vietnam Law, the visa expiry date must be at least 30 days before the passport expiry date. Therefore, an e-Visa expiry date must also be at least 30 days before the passport expiry date.

5. How can I check my e-Visa result?
To check an e-Visa result, follow these steps:
- Step 1: Vist the page: 
- Step 2: Provide registration code to check.

Or check your email, we will send your result as soon as possible.

6. What if I have queries about my e-Visa?
Two options are available to answer queries:
- Option 1: Send your queries via our Contact page.
- Option 2: Call directly to hotline 1900 2044 or send messages to Zalo/Viber: (+84) 901 824 667
7. How can I apply to stay in Vietnam for longer than my e-Visa permits?
- After entering Vietnam by e-Visa, you can request an agency/organization/individual in Vietnam to guarantee your stay and apply on your behalf for a new visa at the Vietnam Immigration Department in accordance with Section 1, Article 16 of the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam.

- Call us to extend your visa.

II. Completing the e-Visa application:

1. What photos are required for the application?
Two photos of the applicant must be uploaded:
- Portrait photo (4x6cm): Looking straight and without glasses.
- Passport data page: Full page including photo, personal information and ICAO lines.

2. What if my name is too long or includes special characters?
- Write your full name as it appears in the ICAO line of your passport data page.

3. Is it necessary to complete all required information in the application?
- Yes. You must complete all required information to be eligible to receive an e-Visa.

III. E-Visa fee and payment:

1. How much is the e-Visa fee?
- The current e-Visa fee is 25USD.

2. How can I make a payment for my e-Visa?
Payment is made via bank account. To make a payment, follow these steps:
- Step 1: Choose 1 of payment methods listed on the web page.
- Step 2: Provide the required information and click “Pay” to complete the procedure.

3. If my e-Visa is refused or unused, will my payment be refunded?
- No. Payments for e-Visa applications are non-refundable. 

IV. Entry & exit with an e-Visa:

1. Which entry & exit checkpoints allow e-Visa holders to enter and exit Vietnam?
- E-Visa holders can enter and exit Vietnam through any checkpoint in 33 international checkpoints.

2. If I use my e-Visa to enter/exit Vietnam, what do I have to do at the checkpoint?
- E-Visa holders must present the printed e-Visa and valid passport at the checkpoint.

3. Do I need to enter Vietnam on the exact date specified in my e-Visa application?
- The validity period of your e-Visa begins from the date specified in your approved e-Visa document. You can enter Vietnam on any date within this validity period.

4. Can I enter Vietnam before or after the validity period specified in my e-Visa? 
- No. You cannot enter Vietnam before or after the validity period specified in your e-Visa.

5. What if I want to enter Vietnam before my e-Visa validity period?
- You must complete a new e-Visa application. The previous e-Visa application will be cancelled once the new e-Visa is issued.