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What is a transit visa? Conditions to transit Vietnam 2023

“Transit visa” is a term that often appears when you join international flight sectors. So how does "transit visa" mean?

Can Chinese people apply for a Vietnamese visa from a third country?

When traveling or doing business in Vietnam, Chinese need to have visa. In the case of being in a third country, can Chinese apply for a Vietnam visa?

e-visa Vietnam FAQs 2023

Following are some common questions about Vietnam e-Visa. Contact us immediately if there are any unanswered questions.

Regulations on photo when applying for Vietnam Visa 2023

You will usually prepare your documents in advance to get the best visa. One of the indispensable procedures in the application is the standard photo.

Vietnam Health Check for Foreigners – Where and How to Get 2023?

To be able to obtain a work permit in Vietnam, foreign workers are required to provide a health check (also known as health certificate).

How to get Vietnam work permit exemption certificate 2023

Foreigner may work in Vietnam without work permit, but work permit exemption certificate. This certificate is equivalent to work permit, valid for up to 2 years.


Typically, the visa application procedure at the embassies would require applicants to send off their original passport and fill application form (either in person or by mail). The normal waiting time for processing visa application is around 1 week (shorter time could be arranged for additional fee).

Vietnam Visa FAQs 2023

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