Additional Service
Consulting service for making Vietnam Passport 2023

Passport is a document issued by the Government of Vietnam to Vietnamese citizens to use for the main purpose of entry and exit activities.


Visa's 24-hour Immigration Service for foreigners, now available at Tan Son Nhat airport, is the optimal and cost-effective entry solution.

APEC Card Making Service 2023

What is the APEC Card? Where is the prestigious service for making APEC cards for business people? 24h Visa sends you the following useful information.

Fast Criminal Record application service

Beside fee, time to issue criminal record is quite long, usually 15-20 working days, which is not suitable for places where the criminal record is urgently needed.

Consultant Legalization Services 2023

The professionalism and quality of 24h Visa's consular legalization service help applicants say goodbye to the hassle of the consular legalization process.

Work Permit For Foreigners 2023

Applying for a work permit takes a lot of time and effort. This is the most optimal solution to shorten time and save costs.

Temporary residence card for foreigners 2023

In order to help international friends understand the complicated procedures of temporary residence card, we will update the most useful information.